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Walkers Midshire Foods

walkersWalkers Midshire Foods was established as an independent business in 1996, born out of the success of Walkers Charnwood in Leicester. Since gaining independent status, it has grown considerably and now has two distinct divisions producing natural cased sausages and traditional cooked meats for Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Dickinson & Morris.

The business was at the forefront of the renaissance of the quality sausage, and its skilled butchers cut prime, fresh cuts of British pork to be filled into natural casings in the traditional way. It blends its own seasonings, and uses only the finest ingredients.

A winner of Q Awards and a number of Sausage of the Year awards, Midshires combines the best of quality with investment in bespoke equipment, often designed in house, meaning that it is also one of the most efficient producers of premium sausage in the world.

Walkers Midshire Foods also produces a range of traditionally cured hams, using live brines and maturing for an extended period to capture the real flavour and texture of the meat that is missing in many hams today.

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